How to Be...Productive.

Well, Yoga Girl, when I woke up this morning-ish at 11:32AM and checked in on Instagram to see what the #yogagirlchallenge theme was for the day, I giggled when I saw “Get Shit Done.” I was off to a bang up start.

I grumbled a little to Fable as I made coffee and fed her, half wishing I hadn’t stayed out so late the night before and half not regretting a thing. I thought about my to-do list sitting on my desk, with the number of un-checked items growing each day (Go to bank! Catch up on email! Blog for A! Articles for InspireNYC! cat food! Answer texts! Pay Bills! Buy ink cartridges! Do yoga! Write!) and didn’t want to do anything but sit on the couch with a cup of coffee and book.

Which, moments later translated into “scroll through Facebook and drink coffee.” I stopped when I came to the Gothamist article announcing that the Swoon (brilliant female street artist focused on social and environmental issues) exhibit at Brooklyn museum was closing today. And suddenly, there was a new “to do” on my checklist. I, shamefully hadn’t been to the Brooklyn Museum yet (though I’d driven by and admired it many times!) and I’d missed the Ai WeiWei exhibit I’d wanted to see that spring. So in that moment, knowing full well the museum would be closing earlier on a Sunday, I decided to go.

I got to the museum an hour and half before it closed, which meant I nearly had it to myself.  I headed to the fifth floor and the Swoon exhibit Submerged Motherlands which is her response to Hurricane Sandy. This site specific installation included a monumental tree rising 60 feet to the dome of the room and at it’s base two boats that at one point had floated down the Hudson river.  The exhibit exudes a Beasts of the Southern Wild type feeling and was really remarkable. As I walked out of the room to peek at the rest of the exhibit, I smiled.  It’d been on my list to get to the Brooklyn Museum for quite a while and I was finally doing it. I promised myself right then and there that I’d start tackling more of the fun to-do’s that I’ve been compelling.  What’s the point of living in the most amazing city in the world if you aren’t going to see it?

As I began my exit through the gift shop (naturally) I passed one of the incredible Ai WeiWei pieces that remains in the museum, a suspended installation of hundreds of silver bicycles. Here I thought I’d missed the Ai WeiWei exhibit entirely and instead I was confronted with a powerful piece. The last thing I picked up before I left the gift shop had an Ai WeiWei quote across the front that felt surprising apt for today's challenge. It said-

“My favorite word? It’s ACT.” -Ai WeiWei

Touche. And Check


Brooklyn Museum