How to Be...Loved.

I’m not gonna lie. One of the reasons I decided to participate in the Yoga Girl Instagram Challenge was because a trip to Aruba to practice with Yoga Girl herself sounded pretty damn good.

But along the way, this became so much more than a social media, hash-tag ridden challenge. It became the acknowledgement of a community that’s out there, jam packed with love and well-wishes as you continue along your own personal journey. It became a serious look at my own commitment to my yoga practice, my writing and the desire to tell my truth which is the very reason I became an artist in the first place.

So tonight, on the last night of the challenge as I strive to post the last of the challenge’s blogs before the clock strikes midnight, I must first fulfill that last theme of the challenge: Self Love.

This is, without a doubt the most challenging and emotionally wrenching of tasks throughout the course of these 21 days. I think self love, pride and confidence can so easily be confused for narcissism, hubris and cockiness that I would never want anyone to think of me as the latter.

But in a twist of the universe’s beautiful magic, the amazing publication Elephant Journal published the essay “How to Be Kind” that I wrote early on in this challenge. So it seems logical that in fulfillment of today’s challenge that I write about that, about the pride I feel in having a publication I respect select my writing as something to put out in the world.

Today self love looks like sharing my good news with my family and friends in the hopes that this dream of mine to tell my truth continues and grows…

Thanks to all who’ve listened, liked and loved along the way. A trip to Aruba to practice with Yoga Girl may have been one of the reasons I started this journey, but what I got in the end is worth so much more.


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